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Hornbill API - update custom fields via JSON

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Hi all,

Please can someone advise if there are any good resources for investigating how to update 'custom fields' in Service Manager tickets via the Hornbill API?

Some background - we're investigating how we can add an integer to a customer field within a Known Error ticket. We need to calculate the integer value elsewhere, and then update the custom field via XMLMC.

From looking through api.hornbill.com I can see the below, but some examples of how the JSON representation is done within a python script would be very helpful. We'll be using a variation of the example.py script (https://github.com/hornbill/pythonApiLib/blob/master/python_api_lib/example.py)




A JSON representation of the custom fields for a request




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Hi @rodb,

You'll have to supply a JSON object (consisting of the column(s) that are prefixed with "h_custom_" - which can be found in h_itsm_requests table) in form of a String. You'll have to declare a String in your Python script and assign a value as the example below:

myVariable = "{'h_custom_a': 'My Value', 'h_custom_b': 'Some Value', 'h_custom_26': 15000}"

Notice that h_custom_26 to h_custom_30 columns in h_itsm_requests table are INTEGER columns.

Hope this helps.



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