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Story: Migrated from HP Service Manager to Hornbill and went live in just 8 weeks!


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Story: Migrated from HP Service Manager to Hornbill and went live in just 8 weeks!

I was delighted to receive a lovely email from one of our new customers today.  The organisation operates globally with about 330 people working in IT.  Previously they were using HP Service Manager which had limitations for them, they were keen to look at SaaS solutions for its replacement, we were competing for the business along side ServiceNow, Cherwell and HP Service Anywhere, they properly evaluated ServiceNow, HP and Hornbill.  This is a fairly large deployment with 170 primary IT users and another 160 collaboration users who also contribute to IT service delivery as and when required.

EDIT: The full case study is published here: https://www.hornbill.com/blogpost/crown-packaging-modernizing-enterprise-it/

The big win for me is how well our deployment methodology works for our customers.  The base implementation services for our solution is always delivered free of charge, as was the case here, but the customer also wanted to purchase additional services to help move things along and get every process they needed built, tested and deployed.  The extra services required amounted to 6 days (in terms of both effort and cost). I should also say at this point that the customers own implementation team are excellent and that certainly made the difference to the project's outcome.  Our technology and our methodology for implementation makes this possible and I believe we are unique in the industry because of this capability, the days of huge consulting projects to put a service desk into production are well and truly a thing of the past. 

Of course I can say this, but the best way to get this across is to let the customer do the talking….this is what he wrote to me…

Here we are… live with Hornbill Service Manager since a week, having migrated from HP Service Manager.

For our implementation, we have decided to go live with the entire solution in one go… so with all processes and all services. We have been able to achieve it in only 2 months, thanks to your help, and especially to Bob who has been a fantastic asset for us.

So really, big thanks to the entire Hornbill team. The few challenges we faced were all addressed professionally and in a timely manner. It was easy for us, as Bob was able to understand and relay our challenges to the Hornbill team who was then implementing the fixes or changes. Really spot on!

Support is really efficient, reacting quickly, and I am sure, the few remaining small glitches will be fixed shortly.

The forum is a really nice area, and again quality and reactivity are impressive (from the developers being very helpful, up to the General Management facilitating some of the posts!) 

All in all, I am more than happy to have come across Hornbill, and strongly believe that we found a strong partner to deliver a better service to our internal users.

Should you need me to share my experience with any new potential customer still hesitating (!) to choose Hornbill, just let me know, it will be a pleasure to share my experience with them.

Once again thank you.

I have kept the organisation and contact anonymous for now to keep media approvals simple, a more formal success story with more detailed facts and figures as well as the identify of the organisation will follow.   For now though I was keen to share our success.

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