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  1. The latest update appears to have caused a few problems with our services: Requests cannot be raised from emails Our clinical single point of access team are missing some options under the service list, so are unable to raise requests (they've now moved to a non-Hornbill BCP) Some questions within progressive captures are asking for a value when one has been provided, so are unable to proceed
  2. We are using the external authorisation node (as most customers are "basic" rather than "user" accounts) within a business process for equipment requests. The "end user" and "approver" names are taken from user searches completed within the progressive capture, leading to some customers approving their own requests. Does anyone have a mechanism in place (other than a polite label, which we have) for preventing the same name being entered in both searches? We can obviously pick this up manually, however this creates more work. Thanks
  3. Is it possible to create a URL (in our case on a SharePoint page) to link directly to a progressive capture form? We can use a link to access the customer portal, but creating a link from within the specific PCF appears to require that same users credentials to access. Ideally we would have a URL to open the specific form after the single sign on page. Thanks in advance
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