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URL to Specific Progressive Capture Form

Ben Cook

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Is it possible to create a URL (in our case on a SharePoint page) to link directly to a progressive capture form?

We can use a link to access the customer portal, but creating a link from within the specific PCF appears to require that same users credentials to access.

Ideally we would have a URL to open the specific form after the single sign on page.

Thanks in advance


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Hi @Ben Cook

Yes - if you open the PCF you want to access yourself, then copy that URL from the browser, you can use that URL on the sharepoint page which will link directly to that PCF.

All users will need to log in first so that the system will know who it is raising the ticket.

All users will also need to have access via the service portfolio too, so any user trying to access that URL will need to be able to see that same PCF on their self service already. If they couldn't see the PCF on their self-service already, then they won't be able to access via the URL either

It will go to the whole PCF rather than an individual form within a PCF to be clear - if you only want users to be presented with one of the forms within a PCF, you would need a PCF comprising of only that form

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