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  1. I've installed the latest update but this issue still persists from time to time. Sometime you paste the IN/SR into the field and it will display the ticket you've pasted, but sometimes nothing happens when you past the IN/SR. Looks like the database is not available or something so it can't lookup the IN/SR Failed search: Details Request URL: https://mdh-p01-api.hornbill.com/twobirds/xmlmc/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Requests/?method=searchRequests Request Payload: <methodCall service="apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Requests" method="searchRequests" csrf_token="bd853138bbc74251a2fe1634e4d2d02770fd7cd7"><params><searchQuery>SR00072804</searchQuery><resultsFromRow>0</resultsFromRow><resultsToRow>99</resultsToRow></params></methodCall> Response: { "@status": true, "params": { "results": "[]", "resultsTotal": 0, "timeTaken": 166 }, "flowCodeDebugState": { "step": "48bef530-2048-45b7-aea1-1d14f874be12", "executionId": "4c3fd6f1-1ddb-49d3-a713-453eeccac80c" } } Succesfull search: { "@status": true, "params": { "results": "[{\"entityName\":\"Requests\",\"relevance\":\"100.0000\",\"primaryEntityData\":{\"h_category_id\":\"34\",\"h_customer_type\":\"0\",\"h_datelogged\":\"2020-03-03 15:39:15\",\"h_fk_serviceid\":\"1\",\"h_fk_servicename\":\"Local IT Support\",\"h_fk_team_id\":\"Company\/ITSupport\/\",\"h_fk_team_name\":\"IT Support\",\"h_fk_user_id\":\"DBI\",\"h_fk_user_name\":\"Customer\",\"h_ownerid\":\"DBI\",\"h_ownername\":\"Analyst name\",\"h_pk_reference\":\"SR00072804\",\"h_request_prefix\":\"SR\",\"h_requesttype\":\"Service Request\",\"h_site_id\":\"9\",\"h_status\":\"status.open\",\"h_summary\":\"Ticket Test #1\"}}]", "resultsTotal": 1, "timeTaken": 180 }, "flowCodeDebugState": { "step": "48bef530-2048-45b7-aea1-1d14f874be12", "executionId": "fdc7fcdc-5e4a-4d29-9fb8-deb71a813a75" } } (Fields altered to hide company information)
  2. Thanks Steven, It makes sense, I thought about it some more yesterday evening and also came to the conclusion that only Hornbill ticket# can be used.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to get Service Manager to route incoming email to update an Incident with an external case# The supplier sending the email which will contain their case/Ticket# and is added as an Incident. If they send updates with their case/Ticket# in the subject I want Hornbill to amend the existing ticket. So far no luck. The subject will contain: T20190314.0001 the regex I use is: [A-Z]{1}[0-9]{8}.[0-9]{4} When I use logOrUpdateIncident it will just create new tickets every time, not amend the existing one. All other options will leave the email in the INBOX without any action. Any ideas? Many thanks, Dave
  4. We've found that the search on applying an email to a ticket is limited to SR and IN numbers only. It would be improved a lot if you could do a text search there so you don't have to switch to the request list, copy the IN or SR number and paste it into the search field. Thanks.
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