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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1919)

Guest Ehsan

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Guest Ehsan

What's New

  • Timeline for closed Requests can now be set to read-only in Self Service. This can be controlled via "guest.servicemanager.portal.requests.readOnlyClosedRequests" setting for the Customer Portal and "servicemanager.portal.requests.readOnlyClosedRequests" setting for the Employee Portal.

What's Changed

  • Cancelled Requests will no longer be automatically updated by email. This behaviour can be controlled via "app.email.routing.rules.allowCancelledCallUpdates.IN" setting for Incidents and "app.email.routing.rules.allowCancelledCallUpdates.SR" setting for Service Requests.

What's Fixed

  • Error when selecting a category through Progress Capture in the Employee Portal. {PM00162396}
  • Incorrectly validating the Timeline entry that is created when applying an email to a Request. {PM00162306}
  • Service Level indicator is incorrect for Requests indefinitely on-hold that have passed the resolution date. {PM00158276}
  • Formatting could be incorrect when copying text to the composer in the Email action tab in a Request. {PM00162363}
  • Unable to complete a Request activity that is shared with a team. {PM00162489}
  • When a Request is updated through the update action tab, h_itsm_requests.h_last_update_activity_id column is not updated. {PM00162334}
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