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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1778)

Guest Chaz

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What's New:

  • You can now branch on a customer's phone number, job title, site ID/name (only for coworkers) or company ID/name (only for external contacts) in Progressive Capture {CH00149662}
  • Provide an administrative option to manage shared Views {CH00156705}
  • Enhanced 'Entity > Requests > Update Request > Custom Fields', added a new option called 'Format Checkbox Values'. When this option is enabled, checkbox values are formatted to remove square brackets and double quotes. {PM00158336}

What's Fixed:

  • Request List Views could not be saved if you removed a condition {PM00157633}
  • Request List Views could not be saved if you re-ordered the columns but did not make any other changes {PM00157972}
  • The Questions section of a Request would break words in the wrong place for answers that were longer than a single line {PM00157392}
  • Smaller screens would have trouble using the 'Apply To Request' popup {PM00157840}
  • Requests could not be raised using routing rules if the priority specified had been deleted {PM00158143}
  • If the column used to sort the Request list has been removed, the list would fail to load {PM00158254}
  • Attachments were loaded multiple times in Progressive Capture {PM00158137}
  • Software assets could return the wrong version if there are multiple versions available {PM00158339}
  • Added columns that were missing when you exported a report from Service Manager Reporting {PM000158327}
  • Unable to edit hyperlinks in FAQs when in Microsoft Edge {PM00158374}
  • The 'View Email' option in the updated Activity Stream was not treated as a link {PM00158395}
  • The currently selected custom Request List View will now be highlighted when you open the menu
  • The Request Type can now be passed as a variable in custom buttons
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