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  1. Thanks for this. I have set the available settings suggested, service , priority etc. I have moved over to use both the raiseNewRequest and UpdateRequest functions. If i want to update requests based on the subject line can I leave the reference as subject like below? In my head this would look at the title of all tickets. See if any match the subject of the email then update that request or pass on to rule 2 which logs the new request. thanks Reece
  2. Sadly this didn't work either. I sent an email with 7 digits at the start and this didn't automatically log the ticket. I've switched the email rule to be from just one particular email address now so all emails from @ helpdesk now and got it set to either log/update existing request based on email subject from that specific email address. However i'm seeing emails being moved to the success folder (the deleted items) however no tickets are being logged, and no tickets are being updated. thanks Reece
  3. Following testing, I can unfortunately see this has not worked. Though in my mind I can't see why it hasn't. Any ideas? thanks Reece
  4. Here is my attempt. mailbox="IT Service Desk" SELECT SUBSTRING (subject, 1, 7) FROM mailbox WHERE ISNUMERIC(SUBSTRING (subject, 1, 7))
  5. Is there a way to then take that and apply is so it can only be numbers rather than characters. I had something similar to yours which was subject SUBSTRING (subject, 7)
  6. Thank you for this, it seems like a lot of what I need is in here. If you are aware of any SQL syntax i can use to pull just the 7 digit integer at the front of the subject line of the email. That would be amazing, i should be able to work out the rest.
  7. Hi, I've been tasked to automate some ticket logging in regards to our third party suppliers. The way I've been asked to do it is for when email comes into our hornbill mailbox beginning with 7 numbers at the start of subject title. Automatically log it in a specific naming convention that would be something along the lines of STORE - (all information in the subject header apart from the 7 numbers at the start) - (7 numbers at the start of the email subject). Where can I begin with this? thanks Reece
  8. Thank you for the information, I have managed to get the Quick Ticket functionality to work for my own user. It just needs a bit of a tidy up. Reece
  9. Hi, So I must be doing something wrong here, i'm testing trying to build a "Quick Ticket" function below is my business process for this I want it to take the answers from the progressive capture below. Then resolve the request, then close it automatically. After this I assign it to a quick ticket service that I had created that only works for service requests. It is visible to only one team which is IT Test and one user which is myself. However when then going to raise requests from the service manager tool i'm getting completely different business processes and it isn't following the progressive capture i had made but a different one. I would like the progressive capture to only effect myself and the IT Test team as I am learning this tool from scratch and need to be able to create things while not affecting the other people on my team who use the tool. thanks Reece
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