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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I don't really mind, these sort of things do happen, cost of doing IT. But I would love if there was a change log or news page, or a version number increment on the API documentation that I could lookup just to see if any changes to the API has been made. Even if it wasn't an actual change-log but just a sentence "we've made changes at this date/time" then it would help me quickly identify if the problem was on our side or a change in API side and it would be faster to get it resolved
  2. It's internally created; it's not an official template. The word template here is just used loosely to describe an XML file we created to create custom Scheduled Tasks by just replacing parameters like title and summary. That doesn't really matter though; The point was that it's been working with "LogRequests" since sometime 2019 and just now sometime in the last 30 days it's broke. I just fixed the capitalization in our XML files and it's now working again.
  3. Thanks, that works. Where can I read about these sort of changes to the API? Clearly it has not been case sensitive before as it's been working for a well over a year without changes. That tells me someone did something in the API. Is there a changelog somewhere I can consult in the future for troubleshooting when things break? I notice that in our PowerShell code we have the following $uri = "https://eurapi.hornbill.com/OURINSTANCE/xmlmc/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Requests/?method=logRequest" However in the template XML files for Scheduled Tasks this is the to
  4. Hello, Our scripts to log requests just stopped working and I'm getting the following error: Invoke-HB-XMLMC -XMLMCService "apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Requests" -XMLMCMethod "LogRequest" Status Params Error ------ ------ ----- fail The specified flowcode does not exist: com.hornbill.servicemanager/The type/Requests/LogRequest This was working just fine before and it's just stopped working.
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