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Can't see this talked about elsewhere, apologies if it has!

If I have added a call to a board, and want to move it to a different list on the same board do I need to specify the Board and List in the Add to Board node, or will leaving the Board at Auto or Ignore be the correct action?

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I never went any further. It was more an "If I do this, will it work?" for a nice-to-have feature.

The simple version of the scenario is: We put our calls onto boards Based on Site, each board has Lists based on Priority.
Putting a call onto the right List on the right Board takes a chain of decision nodes, as you can imagine.

If we wanted to move a resolved call onto a "Resolved" List on its existing Site Board, would I have to compare the site and select the Board again, or would the BP "know" what Board it's on, allowing me to just specify the List?


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