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Status Filter on Assets

Michael Sharp

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When using Asset Management, we don't want to see archived/retired equipment on a day to day basis as often it is equipment we have disposed of.  An initial though I had was to develop an icon filter similar to the service manager i.e. Current/Active/Archived or icons for Operational/Pre-Production/Retired.  Ideally this filter could be fixed to our preferences on a per person basis.

Not sure on developers thoughts on this?


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Guest Ehsan

Hi @Michael Sharp,

Apologies for the delay in a response!

So, when raising a Request and prompted to select an Asset or when adding an Asset in a Request details page, we would like to only present Assets that are active; a bit similar to Portfolio Status of a Service where only Catalog items are presented while raising a Request, not those with Retired or Pipeline status. I can see that we can utilise the State or Operational State options in an Asset to achieve this. I will speak to the team and get back to you on this.



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Guest Ehsan

Thanks for the update @Michael Sharp.

I am pleased to inform you that we have a Change Proposal to enhance the filtering options in the Assets list. This includes the ability to create Views (similar to the option in Requests List), Charts, Home View and the option to export the list. I've registered your interest in this Change Proposal. This is currently under investigation and we will update you when this Change Proposal is prioritised and promoted to the 90-day development board.

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