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Direct download url for report runs?


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Hi, I have a bit of a random question... I noticed we can run a report using the API (which is great! :D). The output is a run ID. Reusing this run ID, is there a way to download directly into CSV the report programmatically?

For example: https://admin.hornbill.com/<instance>/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/reporting/<Report ID>/reports/<Report ID>_<Run ID>.csv?

That would be super useful in terms of integration...

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When the report is run its data thats created, not the actual report.  The data can be pulled down over WebDAV with the required access token but its quite a complex thing to do. I am not sure what form the data is in. 

@NeilWJ can you shed any light on this?


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@Gerry, @Chaz, Thank you so much for coming back to me on this one! This will be very useful when communicating with my colleagues and giving them the direct URL to the report executions, until you come up with a new interface for accessing reports and dashboard from Service Manager :P

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The report outputs have been updated to now be generated in 


However older reports will still be accessed from the old path.

Ideally reporting::reportRunGetStatus should be used to obtain the file output for a given report run  https://api.hornbill.com/reporting/?op=reportRunGetStatus , reportRun->csvLink is populated with the file name of the CSV to maintain backwards compatibility however there is also and array of output files added to support the additional file types now supported in reporting. 

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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