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Best way to handle 50 different decisions?


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I'm working on my outage process and I need to set up a decision for each of 50 different fire stations. Every station has to be tested and if the condition is true it creates a connection for the station. If no match it simply bypasses and goes onto the next station. What I've found is that you can't have two inputs into a decision node so I've created a dummy task as a workaround. Is this best way to do it? If so,  is there a truly dummy task?

Alternatively I could set up a series of parallel processes with perhaps 5 decisions in each. It certainly seems a more elegant solution but is it a better solution?




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hi @DougA

I have a large amount of decisions set up in both my progressive capture and business processes.

I would probably go with the progressive capture style setup in your case though.

I think that with the parallel processing you will have to have a process within a process to make sure that the next part of the bpm is started at the correct time or you might find that the first parallel process completes and just goes onto the next node without the end processes been completed which may cause a problem.

I have a process within a process BPM set up and it was a bit of a night mare to get working (I have attached if for interest more than anything)

Hope that helps






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@Victor hence the googly eyes <---

Once I get into the swing of BPM creating it doesn't usually take that long so my sanity is rarely effected (cant lose what you never had some would say)

But two parallels in a parallels is an Inception level of BPM I never want to have to recreate.

Now I am trying to get my head around dashboards, measures and widgets whilst our Dev dept sort out their requirements for Service Manager.

Now that seems to be slowly removing any sanity I may or may not have had in the first place......

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