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I'm looking for a bit of advice. We'd like to be able to report on the number of calls raised from a visit but understand this is not currently available as an additional source.

What would people recommend as the best way to get around this? If we created a custom field, could this easily be built into a report for call tickets raised by source?

Many thanks,


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@DeadMeatGF it helps any Supportworks customer who wants to do this (add an additional source). What @ljbrown was looking for (I think) is how this can be achieved in Service Manager/Hornbill... As you suggested, capturing this info in a custom field will provide this information for reporting... and you don't need to create a custom field (quite sure you can't) but you can use one of the available custom fields...

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Thanks Victor, seems its much simpler than I first thought! I've renamed a custom field and have added this check box to the details section. I was concerned it was going to be more complicated to add this field to the source report hence the post.

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