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Automated replies based on the type of email

Guest gregmarcroftorc

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Guest gregmarcroftorc

Our internal staff log support requests by either logging a self service request, or alternatively by emailing our support email address. Inevitably many find the easier option is to email us, however, we want to encourage people to log most, if not all requests, via the self service portal.

Is there a way we could have an automated response sent back to anyone internally that emailed us based on certain criteria. For example, 2 things I can think of straight away would be:

  • The email would have to have come from an email address ending with @orcinternational.com
  • We would have to make sure the automated reply was not in response to an existing ticket. Emails sent regarding a logged existing ticket would contain the following text in the title/subject 'RE: ORC International customercare: Support update for request : '

Is this possible to do, or are there any other suggestions for us to effectively encourage our internal staff to use the self service portal?



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@gregmarcroftorc sorry for the late reply, I was actually thinking on how this can be achieved. Short answer, there is no (direct) current functionality to allow you to have a rejection email for queries sent to mailbox. However you might be able to do this but there are some downsides and upsides. Basically you would use autoresponder and a BP process to do the rejection. I'll outline the pros and cons below and I'll start with cons as there are some pros derived from cons (I think i managed to confuse myself here :D). The "rejection" rule would be on the bottom of the list as you would need anything else to work (log correct requests, update, etc.)


  • all emails will log a request (service request for example);
  • you would need a custom service, BP and email template(s) which will send the rejection message without giving customers any reference or any other info than the rejection email;
  • because you log a request it will fill up the request list so analysts would need to filter out these (however they will have short lifespan);
  • any email of this sort will create a request, including follow up emails for the same query for customers who did not receive the notification;


  • you will have this automated :) ;
  • you will be able to count/report on all queries that come from email and do various stats (what type of queries, what customers, etc..);
  • you will have a record of the query, not just an email dug deep in a deleted items folder (or similar);

The BP will be very simple, basically send the rejection email, resolve then close the request. Let me know your thought on this :)


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Guest gregmarcroftorc

@Victor Thanks for responding.

As you highlighted quite a few complications, we have decided to leave this for the time being.

Thanks for getting back to me though.

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