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Automatic closure applying once call is reopened

Melissa Gurney

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When a call is closed, it appears that the task of automatically closing a call after 7 days still takes place. I.E If a call is resolved on the Wednesday, but is reopened on the Friday it still closes on the following Wednesday as if it had never been reopened. Is there a way of preventing this from happening and to restart that task once the call has been resolved for that second time for example?

It also appears as though calls are not automatically closed if they have breached SLA. Is that correct? All of our calls that have breached response SLA, for example, and have been resolved are still in that resolved state 2 weeks on.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.


Many thanks,





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Hi Guys - do you know when this is coming approximately?


at the moment we are using a task to auto-close calls, but this doesn't seem to play well with the customer re-opening the calls via the portal etc, so would definitely be interested in a better solution,



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@Gary@ADL indeed, currently the BP and request actions (which includes a customer actions via portal, such as reopen) are not linked with BP actions... So the auto close via task is not linked with thio so it will proceed regardless of what happened on the request... Do you have the BP configured to close teh request when teh task expired? If so then there might be a workaround to prevent the closure...

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Hi @Victor


yes - currently when we resolve a call (using button rather than task), it marks the call resolved, then creates a closure task. this can be used to close the call, or if it expires after 3 days, if it expires, the workflow process to close the call.

the problem seem to be having is around If the call is re-opened via the portal, or if if its re-opened via the button rather than the task. because the task isn't actioned it doesn't follow the logic, it just re-opens the call and the task remains,


I did wander if parallel processing with a check status loop in there would solve this issue, like so... but I haven't tested this yet...?


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12 minutes ago, Dan Munns said:


Would that not create the task every time it looped back to the start of the parallel processing from the decision node?

good point @Dan Munns - I have now looped it back to the 'get request details' box, so hopefully it will loop round until the ticket is open, or the task has been expired or completed


thinking on though, even if this works I will still be left with the closure task on an open call...

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I think this may all be in vain as I am sure that there is an issue with auto closing calls anyway where if the call is marked 'Not resolved' by the user in the portal it will still auto close after the allocated time anyway as the timers are different.


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@Melissa Gurney apologies, I was unwell for the past few weeks and just got back in the office. Send us an email with the BP configuration that is used for requests as well as a few examples (request references) where this happened. I need to have a look first and see why and how this is happening.

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