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Outbound external email

Melissa Gurney

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I am posting on here as advised by the support team.

We require emails to be sent from Service Manager to a number of external addresses (addresses outside of our domain). Could I ask how this is best achieved? Have people set it up so that Service Manager is added to a relay, allowing all emails to be sent on to anyone from our mail server?

I would be interested to hear how others achieve this.

Many thanks,


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@Melissa Gurney

It might be worth just clarifying what you currently have setup. Are you using the default Hornbill Email (live.hornbill.com) which is setup on new instances initially.

We have two different mailboxes, one hosting within our internal domain and one externally in the cloud, with both of them being able to send email to external address as the majority of our customer are external. They both used encrypted connection using the SMTP Smarthost option. Though with the internally hosted one we did need to allow connectivity from the Hornbill hosted IP addresses to our firewall/Email server.



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