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LDAP Import > Users > Organisation:

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Hi @dconagh

Basically you have to manually create the Organisation structure in Service Manager and the names must match your AD structure. From the wiki:


The name of the Organization in Hornbill must match the value of the Attribute in LDAP.

  • Action - (Both | Update | Create) - When to Associate Organisation On Create, On Update or Both
  • Enabled - Turns on or off the Lookup of Orgnisations
  • Attribute - The LDAP Attribute to use for the name of the Site ,Any value wrapped with [] will be treaded ad an LDAP field
  • Type - The Organisation Type (0=general ,1=team ,2=department ,3=costcenter ,4=division ,5=company)
  • Membership - The Organisation Membership the users will be added with (member,teamLeader,manager)
  • TasksView - If set true, then the user can view tasks assigned to this group
  • TasksAction - If set true, then the user can action tasks assigned to this group. "

in our LDAP import .json file I have it set like this:


Just make sure that the attribute selected (department in my case) is also in the LDAPAttributes field further up the .json file.


Hope that helps



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