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Service Level Timers Incorrect

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I have just logged a test ticket and noticed that the timers are incorrect.

I am using Corporate Service Level Agreements. The SLAs are set as a Response time of 1 hour, Resolution time of 5 days but as soon as I logged the ticket and assigned it the Response timer showed as failed.

The resolution is set to be completed by 03/03/17 which is obviously a good deal longer than 5 days (I would have expected it to be 22/02/17)

Please see attached images for setup.

Any ideas?






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Sorry, missed the resolution bit - that's easy, the time needs to be measured in hours.

Having it set at 5 days will be 5 x 24 = 120 hours, and the system will take into account the working time calendar so that's 120 working hours which will be approximately 12 days.

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Surely though it should be set a 5 working days.

The old SLA system used to be correct at 5 working days for a 5 day SLA.

EDIT: Ok so having tested that you are correct. A 5 day SLA has to be set at 2 days 2 hours to expire in 5 working days.

Can any Hornbill guys explain why the change?

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Test conclusion
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@Dan Munns it was always like this as far as I remember... time set on SLA configuration is calendar time... so 1 day on SLA configuration = 24 hours....this is then divided with you working hours/day, depending on your SLC configuration and this is the number of days on SLA target on the request...

EDIT: and if I would have waited to finish my coffee and read the thread properly I would have noticed @DeadMeatGF already mentioned this...oh well...

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