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Email routing rules

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I have recently added a second shared mailbox for our IT Security team and changed the routing rules for their folder structure. However the rules don't seem to work in their mailbox. The rules are still being picked up and used if I send the emails to the original mailbox (they just don't move the email to the correct folder after the ticket is raised as the folder doesn't exist in the Service Desk mailbox).

As we cant use personal mailboxes (as they don't do what we need) we will have to use a second shared mailbox to meet our audit requirements for IT Security and as such need the rules to work with this mailbox.

Any help appreciated  



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@Dan Munns well... happy this is sorted... :) I'll have a look in the logs and see if there is something there that would explain this....

EDIT: can you post a screenshot with current routing rule configuration? You can blur the elements you don't want public... or send me the screenshot via PM.

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