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Status Panel of Ticket - Custom

Michael Sharp

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Good morning,
Would it be a good idea to include a status toggle or customised on-hold statuses for tickets?  This would help us determine at a glance, where tickets are up to e.g:

  • Outstanding
  • In Progress (currently being read by analyst or manually set)
  • Awaiting third party support
  • On Hold (already present)

We would ideally want to determine how long tickets have been in certain periods for.  This will give us good feedback on why tickets may have been open for longer periods of time than expected.



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On 2/11/2017 at 10:05 AM, Victor said:

@Michael Sharp we're doing an overhaul of request statuses, it should be in one of the next Service manager builds (not sure if the next one, I don't remember seeing this in the change log) but probably in the one after. You will be able to do everything you mentioned above ;)

Hi @Victor, don't think this ever got implemented??


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