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Personal mailboxes

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

In Supportworks we all had personal mailboxes which we could reply as from the shared mailboxes or use as normal mailboxes

Some of our analysts receive email to a shared mailbox (added to Service Manager) but their personal mailbox addresses are on an approvers list.

We are unable to add the shared mailbox to the approvers list (as more than the approvers have access) but they keep having to switch between SM and Outlook to find emails to respond to and then go back and update tickets which is a pain and can take a while as some of these mailboxes send 20 - 30 mails per day to be approved / have tickets raised.

Can we have the ability to reply as <personal email address> when responding to email from the shared mailbox.

I understand that personal mailboxes are a beta/WIP at the moment. Also the personal mailboxes I have setup so far cause an error in the new email view but not the old one (attached)

Hope that makes sense as it is Friday afternoon and it has been one of 'those' weeks.




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Hi Dan,

There is currently no support for personal mailboxes I am afraid, I am not sure where we are in that regard, I will try to have a look and see where we are and what the likelyhood of us being able to support personal mailboxes for outbound. The implementation for personal mailboxes in the cloud is no where near as straightforward as it was for Supportworks and on-premise deployments - not insurmountable but just not easy. 


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