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Customer Email notification of successful resolution


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Currently our BP email users when the analyst resolves an incident but we rely on the user contacting us to advise that the incident is successfully resolved. We do close the incident on expiry of the action. I'd like to automate the process so the user can simply reply to the email after selecting a yes/no choice. Either a vote or embedded buttons.

I haven't been able to find in the Forums or Wiki. Has anyone ever done anything like this?

Any tips on how to set it up?




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@DougA I don't think currently there is any variable that stores the last update... You would need this (if it woudl have been available) in the decision process... So, short answer, I don't think you can achieve this but maybe our developers might know bettor on this one....

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@VictorIt would be great to have some limited interaction between the user and a BP through emails. I saw in the email template that you can add buttons and checkboxes but I couldn't see what they are meant to achieve but it would be cool if the rule expression could evaluate the values contained.

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Has any consideration ever been given to the potential of limited interaction via email? I don't know enough about coding in email messaging but it would be seriously cool to have a user reply to an email and have their choice acted upon in the BP. Because of the nature of the fire service it's difficult for users to get onto a portal but they can quickly and easily respond to an email.

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Hi @DougA

It is not currently possible to influence the business process from an email interaction, this is something we are looking into and i will of course update here as progress is made in this area. 

I understand the challenge you have here with your users not having easy access to the portal to accept the resolution and in the absence of the above, if they have access to receive the emails could you consider including a link in the resolution email (behind an image) which when clicked takes them back to the service portal and if you are using SAML for authentication this should seamlessly take them directly to the request where they can accept the proposed resolution?

https://service.hornbill.com/[INSERT INSTANCE NAME]/servicemanager/request/view/{{.H_pk_reference}}

Granted this does not help if they can't access the portal but if they can perhaps including the link will make this more simplistic ahead of any email interaction options being available.


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