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permissions to h_sys_tasks


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I'm trying to set up some access for our Group IT Manager to Service Manager

I don't want to give access to edit anything, just to be able to view the calls in peoples queues

I've got it so that the calls are visible but when click on one it gives an error about access to h_sys_tasks

I've assigned him to an Organisation as a Manager as given access to Allow Viewing Tasks




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Hi Pete,

 I hope you're well. As Victor points out this was the missing link to viewing the tasks.

When building out a Security Role set for a full Application user, I always start with the "Collaboration Role", as this is a fundamental role that governs much of the Core Hornbill functionality.

When building out a role set for your Service Portal Users (aka Basic Users), the foundation role here is the "Basic User Role". This operates in the same vein as the Collaboration role does for the full application users in that it gives that fundamental access to the Portal.

More info on roles can be found here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Roles

I hope that helps some.

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Hi Dan, I'm good thanks :), hope you are too

This is for our IT Director to be able to log into the Live app and look around

I'd already given the Basic User Role but hadn't give the Collaboration Role

Ideally I'd like them to have view access only as at the moment they could update calls, reassign etc although they might disagree

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Aplogies for jumping on this topic but - I'm hitting issues with roles regarding request visibility also.

We have requests Raised as Service A which get assigned to team 1. It becomes apparent that the issue reported is incorrect for this service. So Team 1 raise a new request for Service B which is allocated to Team 2. However, Team 2 have no visibility to the original request owned by Team 1 and vice versa.

Team 1 supports Service A

Team 2 supports service B


How do I overcome this with roles. I don't want to assign each team as a supporting team to each service as they then get incorrectly assigned that request rather than creating a new linked one.

Hope this makes sense.




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Hi All,

 in relation to requests, the power that roles have extends as far as the request type that a user is able to view. i.e. Incident, Service Requests, Problem, Change etc. In terms of what specific requests I can see e.g. I need to see IN00000234 OR SR00045677 is governed by the "Team Membership and Supporting Teams" visibility model.

What this thread seems to be driving at, certainly Pete's initial post, is an additional level of control which is: "of those requests I have visibility of, do I have the ability to

  • a) edit any details
  • b ) only update the timeline
  • c) read-only

I think Keith's challenge is a different one, in this case I would start with understanding why requests are being raised against the wrong Service and see if things can be changed to prevent this. @Keith would you be able to start a new thread in relation to your challenge then we can focus the discussion?


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