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Slideshow autoplay


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Hi Pete,

Just want to confirm, when you say dbl click link you mean the link to a slide show in the list of slideshows in admin tool? So your on the machine that it is going to run on, logged into admin tool and you want to just dbl click link to tell it to run instead of having to go into slideshow designer and then click the play button?


are you asking for the ability to play a slideshow remotely, by clicking a link that is say on the desktop?


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Hi @NeilWJ the first one

We have SSO configured so the Admin portal will log on as myself

The link I've got so far will take me straight to the slideshow setup but I'd like to be able to launch a shortcut that will go straight into the slideshow without clicking the play button, I want to launch the slideshow directly

That way I can put it in the startup folder of the machine to launch automatically on startup


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Ok so that we can add however it will not run in Full screen mode (i.e. when you press F11 your browser goes fullscreen). There is no way for us to force your browser into fullscreen mode.

So as long as you are ok with that i will put in a change next week so the url can be:-


and that will make it auto play.



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