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Notification box half pops up and does not go

Oscar Stankard

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Hi there,

I'm a user of service manager, it seems that something strange happens to my user specifically (other users unaffected).  When I log on and update/raise a few calls, after a few minutes or so, a pop up box (of the style I'm accoustomed to) pops up top left of screen, but you can only see the bottom of the box.  I haven't yet found the activity that causes this to happen, this happens on multiple computers and have tried Chrome and Firefox (will dust off IE if anyone thinks it would be a valuable test).

If you click the tick 'done' button, nothing happens.  The box is loaded a few moments after the page loads so if you're quick you can still manage to click the menu button to navigate elsewhere before the box covers it, rendering you stuck on that page.

Please find attached a picture of this in effect, any thoughts please do share them!

Thanks very much,


Kind regards,


Sm Error Box.PNG

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