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Hi, we are shortly going to bring in Single Sign On to our business.

Our infrastructure team have the following question regarding backups. Any advice would be appreciated. 



Would you mind asking Hornbill when they run their backups please?

I want to attempt some ADFS related testing fairly soon - still  a couple of things to tweak yet

And Ideally will do first test to Hornbill - and if it's horrific - can revert their backup without loss of tickets


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We run our backups nightly, generally in the early AM for a given timezone.  Depending on what data and the size of your data set and full recovery may take an hour or so.  I would encourage you/your team to sense check on here what you are going to do, ideally you don't want to trash your own data if you can help it :)


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Andy and I are looking to migrate from local accounts on Hornbill to SAML/ADFS for single sign on, following the documentation on the wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Single_Sign_On_with_SAML_2.0. Ideally what we are looking to do is test a merge with a test account and some test tickets – and if all fine merge the staff accounts (Servicedesk staff first most likely then all staff soon after).


Knowing about the backup was just so we can implement this over a weekend – and if something goes wrong with the account merging process we can roll back.


Are there any tips? J

Can we merge individual accounts at a time or is it all accounts in one go?

Is the admin portal separate and would we still have local accounts for this?




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Its pretty simple to set up SAML and you can do it in stages, you should be aware that you can use SAML just for authentication you do not have to merge or auto provision/update account info, you can add that later.  So I would start with your own accounts, set up an SSO profile, make sure your Hornbill account ID matches your SAMAccount (or other such field in AD that Hornbill can associate to your account), and just verify that you get logged in.  

If anything goes wrong you can simply login with the 'admin' account and turn off the SSO profile. Its a good idea to keep the admin account logged in for this purpose, but if you have to log in with the admin account and your SSO profile is broken you can bypass the SSO stuff on the admin tool by adding the following to the URL: 


this will force the front end on the admin tool to ignore SSO configuration and let you log in with the admin account. 



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