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I have a couple of queries from my colleagues regarding documentation.

1. Is it possible to add a user to be a member of ALL documents where the owner is another user.
Is this possible to do in SQL Direct? I I understand that this isn't possible in the front end... I would like to request this as a feature.

2. We need to find any Documents with the tag "WiSER" and in addition add the tag "Business World On". There are far too many documents to do this one by one.
We are upgrading the Application to a new version, which has a totally different name. Can we add additional tags to documents which contain the tag specified in the criteria? Could this also be done via SQL Direct? As it's not possible to do in the front end, can I also request this as a feature?

We have a lot of documentation, it would take up a lot of time just to go through these one by one just to give access to new users to view / edit.



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