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Increased Functionality for Activities


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I'm aware we've raised a similar Topic regarding Requests however this is a more general.

We use Requests and Activities to complete work.

We've gotten to grips with Requests - in terms of views, filters, charts, dashboards etc. On the whole things are working pretty well and we like being able to create dashboard and views.

We would really like to have the same functionality applied to Activities.

For example, in the Request view you can select multiple filters in the same condition. i.e. i can select where Statue is not "closed", "resolved", "cancelled" however with Activities you have to add a condition for each status.

This doesn't sound like a big thing but it's indicative of the additional functionality that Requests have over Activities. 

In general we'd like to be able to have the same features in Activities. 

Please let me know if you need anything else.



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The activities data structure is very different to requests, while requests in service manager are designed to work like a request list, the activities view is somewhat simpler model, activities are meant to be much like tasks in outlook.  I do not believe we will ever get close to the management and reporting functionally you have in service manager in the tasks system, it was simply not designed for that.  I will post a reference to this post on our internal workspace for the dev team to look at although given current development commitments I doubt much will happen with this in the short term


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Hi @PSG,

As Gerry mentioned, the Activities are quite different from the Requests and the initial intention was never to go to the level of complexity as you find in the Service Manager.

Having say that, we are planing (not very soon) to change a lot of the back-end in tasks and that will eventually lead to a change (for better) in the front end.

I do agree in what you say that the functionality should be similar, or at least the user experience. That is usually the intention but due to priorities in development, sometimes one are gets updated faster than other areas and that leads to gaps. That I'm afraid is inevitable as the product needs to evolve.

Thank you and sorry for the big delay, somehow we've missed this post.



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