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Email routing Operation

Paul Morrow

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In order to automatically update a request by email I set up the attached routing rule and set it 1 in the list of rules.

It is meant to capture emails sent to the service desk with subject Re: IN00000678 or Re: SR00000678

No luck. On looking at the rule again I see the Reference for the REGEX is missing and I can't seem to make stay there no matter how many times I enter it.

What have I to tweak to make it work.


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Hi @Paul Morrow

Our update regex rule is: REGEX_MATCH(subject, '.*[a-zA-Z]{2}[0-9]{8}.*')

This picks up FW: IN00000123, FW: SR00000123, RE:, Ref:, and everything else I have thrown at it.

I think since the update to emails the reference isn't used for certain actions (like update) as they have to be as you have them pictured anyway so why not make it default.

Hope that helps



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You need to set the rule exactly the same as in my screenshot.

It works and the ref is blank. You should be putting the regex_match into the rule expression field.

Ignore the reference field and send an email with a valid reference number (IN00000101 for example) in the subject line and it will add the email as an update on the calls timeline.

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@Paul Morrow you need a value for the reference field. Otherwise your rule will always trigger a failure (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Routing_Rules: Note: For logOrUpdateIncident, logOrUpdateServiceRequest and updateRequest operations the Reference field is a mandatory parameter). Try and use this: [a-zA-Z]{2}[0-9]{8} in the reference field and see if it makes any difference.

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On ‎02‎/‎02‎/‎2017 at 2:17 PM, Dan Munns said:

Are you trying to update a ticket where you are not the customer?

I think I remember seeing a post about having issues with that.

@Dan Munns

theirs a setting somewhere which you can enable to allow tickets to be updated by email by other/external users I believe

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