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** URGENT RE : Update 914


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@flanderp we fixed the problem in your instance so you can re-enable the notifications. This was actually caused by an underlying (dormant) platform issue and it was an unfortunate coincidence that it surfaced after you updated the Service Manager app.

The platform issue has also been fixed in teh next platform update which is scheduled to be deployed in live instances tonight. Apologies for all the inconveniences caused.

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Unsure if this is related but we now recieve errors when closing , opening, accepting calls, we are also recieving complaints that emails are being stuck in the outbox.

Unsure if the platform update you suggested went ahead 



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@flanderp the platform was updated last night:




We do not see any error in the logs when analysts perform an action on requests, all the actions show as successful... The only errors we see relate to escalation events trying to use an undefined (non-existent) email template. Do you have any examples, screenshot with the error when analysts action on requests (open, close, accept)?

The email are stuck in the outbox because your SMTP connector is not working:


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