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Routing Rules & Templates

Steve Giller

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On the wiki, the last field on a Routing Rule is labelled Routing Rule Template - on my instance this is replaced by Reference.
The Operation in the demo image on the wiki is raiseNewRequest but this is not available in my instance, the nearest being logOrUpdateIncident.
The Routing Rule Templates page is available, and appears to let you specify Request Type, Service, Catalog Item etc. but I can't find any reference to this is my instance.

It does seem that the system described on the wiki is a much more flexible way of doing things, is this something I haven't activated, a module we don't subscribe to, or a deprecated way of doing things?

The way the rules are set up at present makes it appear that whatever you do it will log an incident and follow a predefined Process - we will, over time, have a number of systems emailing in; I can make a process that caters for this, but it will be very complex and if there's a better way of doing it I don't want to embark on that path.

Hopefully someone's going to jump in and say "You daft wassock, you do it like this." and make me feel foolish ;)

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