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Corrupt request


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Sometimes (we had a few already) a request is created and it seems to have gotten corrupted. These request do not have a timeline and also no activities are created. It seems, that for some reason the BPM is not being recognized. I've checked all our services, but all are configured with a working BPM.


Any ideas?



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Is the call being logged by hitting the "Raise New" button without using it as a dropdown menu and selecting "Raise New" --> "Incident" for example?

If so, the default Business Process will be followed which may not even be set by default. I believe the relevant setting is app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.incident

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If you hit "Raise New" you've not actually selected a service, so that never gets triggered.

I've put a simple Start -> Select Service -> End process in place as the default; as soon as you do so it jumps to the correct ProCap/Process for the selected Service/Catalog item.

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