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Open Aged Incidents

Prathmesh Patel

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Hi @Prathmesh Patel

Can you expand on this a bit? Would you like this report as a widget on a Dashboard or as a standard "List of Data" type report?

Do you require filtering based time frame or status of the requests you want want to show on the report e.g. would this only be needed for open requests, or all requests last month?

Kind Regards


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@Bob Dickinson   hi Bob - was there anything further on this?  It is what I am trying to pull out of service manager for our service reviews. It sounds like it is very close to what I am after

I'd like to be able to show how long they have been open and when they have breached.   I found the within response and resolve time fields and have them showing the Met or Breached.  But I would like to show the total time breached, preferably without having to do so in excel.


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Hi @Prathmesh Patel and @HGrigsby 

The issue with the above chart is that you are looking at aged incident in February as a whole - but if you think about this, it actually just going to be giving a snapshot of the open aged incidents at one point in the entire month. For example:

If you checked this on Feb 2nd:
0 to 1 Days: 30
2 to 3 Days: 15
4-10 Days: 8
11-20 Days: 4
21+ Days: 2

If you checked this on Feb 20th:
0 to 1 Days: 21
2 to 3 Days: 11
4-10 Days: 6
11-20 Days: 3
21+ Days: 1

When the sample actually runs on Mar 1st 00:00:00:
0 to 1 Days: 15
2 to 3 Days: 10
4-10 Days: 3
11-20 Days: 2
21+ Days: 0

So your "monthly" count here is actually just reflecting 1 point in time. This may be fine, and you may want this - in which case we can create 5 measures to capture each of the ranges, and have it run once a month - and show it on the same widget. 
But is this actually what you are looking for? If so, I can potentially provide you with some definitions. 

Unfortunately we won't be able to perform the SLA "Met/Breached" sub grouping like in the chart example above because we can't group on multiple measures. But you could have 2 widgets side by side - one show the Met numbers and one showing the Breached numbers. 

Kind Regards


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Thank you for the reply Bob

Is there a way to show (in a report) the time since a ticket breached both response and resolution, together or separately?

We also want to calculate the number of calls that have breached, percentage of breached calls and the number of assignments a ticket goes through.





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