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Due date field, particularly for Change Requests


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  1. 1. What do you think of having a Due Date field as part of the makeup of a call, which can be selected as a column in the Request List? This field can be null if no date needed.

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We have a need for a Due Date field that is visible on the Request List, especially for Change Requests, but would be useful for Incidents and Service Requests.

I had thought of using Custom Fields but that wouldn't work unless we produce reports as the fields are not selectable in the Request List column selector... and most of us do not use Reports.

Can this be added in?



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1 minute ago, Kelvin said:

@samwoo There is already a 'respond by' and 'resolve by' column is this not what you are looking for?

Hi Kelvin,

This is tied to the Priority... which isnt ideal in this case as we may need a date much further ahead in time or much earlier than the Priority dates. For some Services we do not use the Priority (such as Change Requests) so this wouldnt work.

We need the staff to input the date the Change is due by (ie. The date it will be carried out, or when it needs to be)



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