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Date Issues in Reporting


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I'm producing a report based on customer feedback received but the h_itsm_request_feedback.h_date_created field within the database is empty when running the query - does anyone else have this issue?

Also, for a Change Request report I have created, the date/time prompt questions within the progressive capture are returned in the format of 2016-11-14T00:00:00.000Z in the report generated although our default system settings are dd\mm\yyyy hh:mm - any ideas on how to rectify this to save me having to reformat the cells each time in excel?



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Hi @ljbrown

unfortunately there was a problem with the h_date_created field not being populated. This issue has been fixed in the version 2.39, so if the table h_itsm_request_feedback  was populated before you updated to the version 2.39, then  h_date_created   will be empty. 

I run a test and I can see that h_date_created  is correctly set now. If you updated to the version 2.39 or later, can you confirm that h_date_created  is now correctly set, please? 

As far the date in the format  2016-11-14T00:00:00.000Z for a Change Request report, I will double check and get back to you.








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@ljbrown the time is stored as test so the reporting interface doesn't know that it's a date time value that it needs to convert. We store this format currently so that we can format it according to your timezone when looking at a request.

Long term we are looking to provide a simpler approach to reporting within Service Manager which would overcome issues such as this.

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thank you both for your help, the customer feedback report is now displaying the date correctly on newer records. I shall continue to manually edit the date/time field within excel until the reporting module can format this automatically.

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