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Notifications for activites


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Good morning, 


I have been searching for an answer in regards to notifications for assigned activities, but have been unable to locate one hence the post.


My question is, if any activity is assigned to multiple people but is completed by say 1 or two people can this clear down all notifications for that activity type? As an example, my current change process is that each change has to be approved to 100% before it can continue the process, this can be done by select people dependant on what level of % they can approve, so if two people with 50% approve this the change request continues, yet the notification for other who have the ability to approve still remains even though the task is completed.


any and all hep appreciated.

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Hi @Awalker

Thanks for your post.  There isn't currently an option for automatically clearing down the notifications if the authorisation has been completed by someone else.  As you pointed out, the actual authorisation itself is removed, but not the notification.

The notifications are really there to just alert you of an event.  Similar if you were to receive an email to make you aware of a pending authorisation, the email would not be removed if someone else performed the authorisation.  A benefit to maintaining the notification is that if you are involved in an authorisation process where something was authorised by someone else, you will still be aware that the authorisation took place and what the outcome was.

An important aspect to the notifications is that it also includes mobile devices.  We use the native notification services provided by the mobile OS manufacturers for delivery of notifications.  The behaviour between the notifications on the mobile devices and browsers have been designed to work the same.   If we provided a way to clear notifications on the browser, one would still have the notification on the mobile device which may be confusing to a user as to why they have it in one place but not the other. 

Hope that makes sense.  

Kind Regards,


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