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SLA's - Not set


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Hi there,

In a recent catch up with Nadeem, he asked me to log the below query on the portal. 

Strangely when I look at my dashboard report on SLA's for this month, I get a heavy percentage come back with the status of 'Not Set'. How is this possible, surely it would either meet the SLA or not meet the SLA? Nadeem mentioned he had seen this before for someone else. 

Interestingly you will see on the graph the ones pre this month are set. 

Let me know what information you need to diagnose further. 





SLA graph.PNG

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@AndyColeman what SLA is this in the graphs? Fix or Resolve? If you are using the "within" fields (fix/resolve), those fields only get populated when the timer (either fixed or resolve) is stopped. Until then these fields have no value hence will be categorised as "not set". Perhaps in current month the 112 requests displayed in your graph are in this state (timer not stopped)? - which is/might not be the case for your all time graph...

It might not be the best idea to use the "within" fields for such reports on requests that are not resolved or closed (basically requests which still have timers running). For "open" requests I would suggest a comparison on "resolve by" and/or "fix by" date fields to determine if they met/not met their SLAs... However if filtering to have only resolved/closed requests then "within" fields should work fine (as expected). If they don't we would need to have a look as it might suggest a possible defect...

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