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creating sub-teams

Melissa Gurney

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In SupportWorks we currently have sub-teams/queues where calls can be assigned for action. For example we have Infrastructure Team > Infra-Escalations. It acts more of a sub-queue where our first point of contact moves calls to if they require further action by senior analysts.

In Service Manager I have created a team called Infra-Escalations with a parent of the team called Infrastructure Team. "Infra-Escalations" does not appear in any team list so it is not possible to assign calls to it.

Is there a way this can be done please?



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This sounds like configuration around your service. When you specify the teams that support a service, it will just include the ones you choose, not any sub-teams. To have these sub-teams support the service, they will need to be added as a supporting team.

This is also true of service subscriptions for when supporting teams internally.

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@Melissa Gurney to follow on from what @Chaz has said, it is possible to create multiple teams which support a service in Service Manager, but this is not akin to the navigation tree hierarchical structure you were familiar with in Supportworks. 

Service Manager has been built from the ground up as a completely separate solution from Supportworks, and as such there will be differences in terms of approach.

Techniques which are used in Service Manager to in effect collaborate on the resolution of tickets without escalating them outside of the functional team include the following:

1. Mentions - On a ticket in the update action, you can mention (@) a senior colleague that their assistance is needed on a ticket, and they will receive a hornbill notification about that mention, and a link to open the ticket to assist.

2. Members - On the request, you can add subject matter experts to the ticket, to gain their assistance.  They will receive a notification to this effect, and their is a default view on the request list, which will show them all tickets which they are members of.

3. Boards - You can create an escalation board which is specific to the Infrastructure team (only shared with this team) which you can manually or automatically (via escalation actions on SLM, or via the Business Process Engine) add  requests to which need attention of the senior colleagues - this provides a clear list said tickets for actioning - requests can be manually added to the boards from the request action bar. 

Alternatively you can create multiple teams, and add the team members and then assign these teams to support the relevant services, but these would not appear in a hierarchical manor on the request list view. 

Hope this helps


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Hi Melissa

I have created a new team, under an existing one in the admin tool, called 'Sub First Line Support' and this seems to appear and be selectable under the supporting teams for the services (as below)

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.16.39.png

Could you upload an image of the configuration from the admin tool for the new team you have added?


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