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New Update: Hornbill Collaboration (567)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Collaboration (567) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • New Navigation Scheme Preview
  • Added Sub Menu options to the Title of each page (only if the page is defined in the main menu)


  • About - Switched from Version number to Build number in all products
  • New Email View - User defined folders are now sorted alphabetically


  • Security fix for Workspace Billboard text
  • Create New Activity - Double Click on Create will create two tasks
  • Contact Details - If there is a server error when saving details the Save button stays disabled
  • Emails list not loading more emails when scrolling down if the zoom level is not 100%
  • Workspaces List - "Unread Workspaces" was not including counters from public workspaces
  • Tasks Calendar view not showing tasks for the beginning of next month
  • Unable to get real time updates for Emails in IE-11
  • New Email View - If current email is moved or archived by another user it will be removed from the view. Also did small event improvements to avoid refreshing the email view in every incoming event.
  • Organisations List - Advanced Search - No results if no value in the name is given


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