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Restricting visibility of calls

Melissa Gurney

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We have a team of users that are only supposed to see calls that are assigned to their team and absolutely no others. I have set this up and have carried out a number of tests and have seen that if the user searches in the request search bar at the top of the page, they are able to return results for all calls  but are not able to click on the ones they do not have access to.

This is an example of searching for a call where the user does not have permission to view, but is able to see the call description and basic details:

I imagine this has been restricted as much as it can but is there a way that these calls can be hidden completely from those who do not have access to view them? An example of where this may be an issue is if the staff member's name had been mentioned in the description or subject of the request.


Many thanks,


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This is something that will be addressed in the next version, we recently made changes around how this handled so you will not be able to see requests you're not supporting anymore.

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