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I am aware that there have been previous posts about Hornbill working on the search facility.  I am not sure if the issues I am having are due to the lack of know...I have tried 2 methods, and both do not give me the desired results. I along with many of my colleagues are experiencing issues with the search facility not giving us the exact results so here's hoping you can advise on the best method or confirm if works are currently being done to make our lives easier.


Method 1:

I am trying to do a search for all calls logged by a particular customer.  I have added the name of the customer in the search feature at the top of the Request List, Select Requests, and enter the full name (surname incl). The search results are incorrect. It looks like it only takes into consideration of the forename and this looks like it's doing a free text search...so not really useful for the purpose I need it for as it brings up pages of searches all in a tabular format.


Method 2:

I tried adding a view i.e. selecting customer, then entering is, specify the name of the customer.  This too does not bring up all calls logged under the customer. 

There are particular customers I receive queries from so can add a view for these, but in general one would not think it would be difficult to do simple searches against: 

Customer Name



also have the end results appear in a more user efficient way i.e. as it used to in Supportworks.


Your assistance and advise is always appreciated.


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Hi @shamaila.yousaf,

Thank you for your post.

The filtering of Requests can be best achieved using a Custom Filter (i.e. a View).

There are several benefits to using a Custom Filter as oppose to using Filter option in Requests List. You can:

  • Add multiple conditions.
  • Create a chart.
  • Share it with Users, Teams and Services' Teams.
  • Save a Custom Filter and use it when required.

This closely resembles Search For Requests menu in Supportworks.

As you've mentioned, we're investigating our options to improve searching for Requests.

To help me investigate this, could you please clarify the following.

You mentioned that your Custom Filter does not present you with all the requests that are raised against the selected Customer. Is 'Customer' the only condition in your Custom Filter? The requests are missing - Can you usually see them in the Requests List? Does your Team support the Service that is associated to the missing requests? Is it possible that those requests are 'Closed' and hence not visible? How about if you add 'Service' as a condition to your Custom Filter - Does doing so make a difference? Is there a pattern in the requests that are missing - for example, are they old?

You mentioned Location. Are you referring to Site (i.e. stored in Details section of a request) or is this a Custom field?

You mentioned Assets. You're right, it would be great if requests can be filtered by Assets but this currently is not available unless you expand the 'Requests' sub-menu within an Asset's page. I will get back to you regarding this.



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