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Site appears Undefined in the Request List View


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We seem to be experiencing an issue this morning where all calls logged, irrelevant of whether it is an incident or a request, irrelevant of whether the call has been logged over the phone, via email or via our Customer Self Service Portal - all sites appear as 'undefined' on the Request List View.

Has anyone else experienced this today?

Thanks for your assistance as always.

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Looking at the raw data, the h_site_id is correct, but the mapping to h_site appears to have failed. Checking the timings, this is from applying today's update.

Updated by Giller_S On 2017-01-12 09:44:49 : Release Date: 2017-01-11 08:48:43 (Build: 904)
I've asked for a browser shutdown and log back in as a precaution, I'll post back if that has any effect.
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@Victor I have been into a call, clicked on the Edit option under the Details section, altered the site and returned it to the original value.

This shows the site correctly, both in the request list and the underlying database.

Note: I don't think it was mentioned previously, but the site appeared to show correctly in the Details section of the call, but showed as 'undefined' in the Request List and the h_itsm_requests table.

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