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Testing automated calls

Steve Giller

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I want to replicate our old calls that were automatically logged from email for our larger printers.

think I have everything set up and ready, but currently the devices' emails go into a subfolder of the mailbox and I don't want to stop them landing as the initial tests will not properly log jobs.
Is there a way I can set these up to be trapped by the autoresponder but still end up in the mailbox during testing?

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Hi @DeadMeatGF

I'm not sure if this helps or not... there are two modes that the Routing Rules work with.  One is Use Mailbox and the other is Use Operation.  When using the Use Mailbox option this will allow you to move the incoming emails to selected folders without automatically processing the emails as requests.  Only when you use the Use Operation will the emails be processed as requests.  This will allow you to test your Rule Expression without having the request raised.  The Use Operation does also provide options to set where the email goes after processing.

Here is a video that describes how this works.

I hope that helps,



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