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BPM Error - No Matching gotoIf found


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I'm getting this error message.

I'm guessing but it suggests to me that there's a decision node that doesn't have a matching value. I've gone through them quite carefully but I'm still getting the error.

Can anyone suggest where to look?




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Hi Doug,

Can you contact support and provide more details for this. A DL of the business process for starters and let us know at which point in the flow this occurs (assume you have more than 1 decision node in your process). There could be few reasons for this error, the node may be setup correctly but the actual data it is testing in a gotif is not as expected and hence none of the decision node goto ifs do not execute, the got if may be testing a value you think should be one thing but is in fact another for some reason.

Does it happen everytime or if not then we need to identify when and what can trigger it to happen (bad data, bad flowcode outcome, bad task outcome etc).

Support will also be able to get the state information for a spawned instance of the process which will help them to replicate this and we should be able to investigate further.


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It was self-inflicted. We'd modified the BPM and then edited the details using values that weren't in the earlier version. Simply changing the details back to the values the earlier BPM used sorted it out. It was only after I'd extracted a selection of requests that I realised each version of the BPM is saved and referenced from the requests record.

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