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A number of the teams charge customers by time spent on a ticket. I'm looking for the best way for teams to record the time they spend on each action on a call so it can be totalled up and reported on. I understand there is the time-sheet module now but is this over kill for what I'm looking to do, or would creating activities be better, or maybe custom fields?




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The recommendation would be to use the free Timesheet Manager app which you can install from Hornbill Administration interface.


There is some configuration involved and is a fairly new app on the platform, so there are a few us trying to implement at the moment.



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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your post.  Without using Timesheet Manager, the activities will most likely be the best option for tracking time spent.  These will provide a total time in the Activity section of the requests.  The BPM workflow allows you to configure whether an activity used the time spent or not so that you can have some activities that don't prompt for the time spent.   However, these will not provide an option for each action in the request action bar.   This would require Timesheet Manager.  



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