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Target Counter Widget to support custom SQL

Martyn Houghton

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At the moment you have to use a 'Measure' as the source of the data for the Target Counter Widget in Advances Analytics. Though you can set the Widget to refresh as fast as every minute, the measure you have to use as the source can only be updated as frequently as each day.

It would be useful to be able to use custom SQL query with the Target Counter Widget, so allowing you to use these more in real time. The example we wanted to use was for a 'System Health' dashboard which would pick up in near real time requests which are unassigned, requests at New status and not picked up within x minutes etc.



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Hi Martyn,

See my other response to your other post, sorry replied to that first. If you want a more real time counter then why not use the count list widget with just 1 item defined? It will look pretty much like a target counter then (apart from the previous and diff values) and should allow you to do what you want with any custom sql.



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