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Cancelled Calls being visible from Customer Service Portal


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Apologies yet again another post.

On the Customer Service Portal List, it would be handy to have displayed the cancelled calls also.  The only ones which the customers can view are those which are Open or Closed.

It would be most handy from a customer service point of view if we can inform the customer why their request has been cancelled i.e. if it's a duplicate request etc. Is this a configuration we can make our end or is this ones for Hornbill to assist with?


Regards as always


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Hi @shamaila.yousaf

Thanks for your post.  There isn't a configuration option for allowing cancelled requests to be visible to the users of the portals.  As an alternative, you could use the status of Closed for any request that you wish a customer to maintain visibility, and use Cancelled for requests that you don't want the customers to see.  Using both the resolution and the closure category on Closed requests, you can specify that a request is a duplicate or no longer needed.  You can then continue to use the cancelled status for requests that may have been used to test something, or raised in error and you don't want the customer to see this.





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