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Conf.json enquiry


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Hi. I was hoping someone may be able to advise. We have been using Hornbill Service Desk for two months now, we are extremely happy with the service and would like to tie up some loose ends. When I run the conf.json executable to import new users from our Active Directory, we are only getting the basic information about the user - just their name. I need to reconfigure the conf.json to see if we can pull through more info, like job titles, email addresses and telephone numbers. I have attached snips of our current conf.json configuration and our standard AD user general info. Thanks!



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When we were configuring our LDAP import I found it quite useful to use a LDAP tool to view the LDAP data and get the correct attribute names that were in use in our Active Directory, in order to populate the correctly the   "LDAPAttributes" section, as they have to be listed in their in order to use them in the field mapping.

The one I used was LDAPExplorerTool which is free - http://ldaptool.sourceforge.net/



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Also, if you activate the Advanced View within AD Users & Computers you will expose additional tabs (assuming you have permissions) notably the Attribute Editor tab which lists every available attribute along with its current value - great for checking which are being used when there are multiple options for storing a particular piece of information.

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