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Authorisation by Role


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At the moment our Change Management BPM has the email recipients and authorisers explicitly named. Ok, it works but whenever there's a change to the Change Manager or the CAB the BPM has to be edited with the new persons. That's just adding to my workload for what should a quick and simple admin task.

There are roles for CAB Approver and Change Manager which would be perfect if I could use them for the authorisation and emailing. The system admin could manage the role and the BPM wouldn't need to be edited.

BUT... I can't see a way of using the role as the authoriser or the target of an email!

An alternative would be to use an Organisation type Team but again I can't see a way of emailing the team or setting the team as the authoriser. Any suggestions?

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Guest Ehsan

We are currently working on an enhancement to provide the ability to add Authorisers manually or automatically on a Request by Request basis. This includes, the ability to add a Request's Service Owner, Linked Services Owners and Linked Assets Owners. This enhancement will provide you with the flexibility that is required to cater for scenarios such as changes to a CAB Approver or a Change Manager.



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@DougA just an update to this post. 

We are introducing the options to allow approvers by both Role and Group.

We are adding two new business process options: Hornbill Collaboration > Application > Utility > Get Authorisers By Role / Get Authorisers By Group

From here you will have the option to then choose an Assignment Role or Group 

  • This will include all Active users with that role or in that group as an approver (will receive an approval task), Active being non archived or suspended user accounts. 
  • You can set authorisation type as follows:
    • Unanimous - Needs approval by all users
    • Majority - Needs approval by the majority of the users (i.e 4 out of 7)
    • Individual - Needs approval only by one of the users  

The New node needs to be followed by the existing Auto Assign Authorisation node in order to actually load and create the approval tasks.


This approach will mean you can manage your users in the groups and roles and not need to remember to edit individual business processes should a user leave / join etc. 

This new option will be available in a admin console update shortly so watch out for the release notes 


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This is a feature we have been looking for but for some reason I don't get it to work when assigning the autorisation to a Role (group works fine).
I have implemented it exactly like the example above, even using the same Role 'CAB Approver'. The Role have 3 people added.
It seems the system don't even find the Role defined in the business process.

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